Your selection of three of the following meat and fish options

  • Crocodile Portions - Crocodile fillet marinated in wild lime, chilli and ginger
  • Kangaroo Portions - Kangaroo fillet marinated in kakadu plum and sweet chilli sauce
  • Prawns - Fresh Australian prawns with lemon myrtle seasoning
  • Calamari - Calamari rings, lightly tossed in flour with wild herb salt and mountain pepper seasoning
  • Kangaroo Sausage Sandwich - with a choice of Bush Tomato or Outback BBQ Sauce
  • Potato fritters with warrigal greens

Also included is coleslaw or a tossed garden salad with lemon myrtle and bush tomato balsamic dressing,bread rolls, bush cordial and lemon myrtle mini cheesecakes. 

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